Increase Inventory Accuracy 95+%
The Westpac RFID Software Platform provides continuous hands-free cycle counts and notifications that optimize supply chain forecasting, reduce safety stock and dormant inventory resulting in better velocity with fewer errors.

Improve Operational Efficiencies
with 70% Reduction in Error
On-time deliveries require speed and accuracy. With the Westpac RFID Software, you get both.Now you can be automatically notified when shipments depart accurately as items are loaded onto a truck, rather than once it reached its destination.

Increase Handling Speed by 50%
The Westpac RFID Software validates inbound/outbound processes with hands-free item level identification, allowing you to do bigger and better things with the resources you have.

Reduce Labor Processes by 45%
Quickly locate items in a large warehouse and the ability to track their movement reduces the manual labor to ensure the right product is sent to the right place.